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  • Harnais de répartition des mouvements à 3 directions
  • Réservoir de 2 L avec fermeture supérieure Sideseal fourni
  • Poche avant en tissu extensible pouvant contenir une bouteille de 65 ml
  • Sangle de poitrine ajustable verticalement avec attache pour tube
  • Tissu en maille, léger et respirant avec doux contours de finition
  • Entièrement ajustable
  • Réservoir sans BPA, sans PVC, sans Phtalates

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Couleur: Bleu|Taille: 6,55L
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  • ASIN: B004J41HQY
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Spécialement conçu pour la morphologie féminine, ce sac Intensity vous accompagnera lors de vos efforts de longue durée où vous aurez besoin de vous hydrater régulièrement. Il possède des bretelles confortable, il est léger, et possède un réservoir d'eau

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4.0 étoiles sur 5 Great pack for 3 hour+ workouts 28 mai 2014
Par Patrick & Christine - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I bought this pack after struggling through 14-16-18 mile runs with just a water bottle and having to stop and refill multiple times during a run. I am very happy with the purchase. I hardly notice the vest if it's on properly, even with my large chest and propensity for chafing. I regularly carry an 8oz electrolyte bottle, 2 Gus, some gummy bears or jelly beans, and salt capsules in the front pockets, and my phone, sunglasses, headphones, and an emergency kit (ID, chafe wipes, sunblock packet, hair ties, band-aids) in the back. (I like to be prepared!) I don't feel weighed down at all, and in fact the vest has helped to improve my running posture and keep me from stooping my shoulders when I get tired.

However, I have had to make a few tweaks here and there, which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

Here are my tips & tweaks:

- Someone's tip to loosen all the straps, position the sternum strap, tighten it first, then tighten all other straps is spot on. Remember to fold and tuck the strap ends after.
- Prevent "sloshing" by sucking the air out of the bladder after filling. Similarly, prevent hose gunk by expelling the air after cleaning.
- Hang it by the base of the hose to dry (so the bladder is upside down) and then run the nozzle back inside the bladder to keep it open so it can dry. Now you don't need to buy a fancy drying cage.
- If you really do need to clean it, denture cleaning discs work well to remove gunk and funk.
- When the bladder is half empty, the hook comes out of the loop and the whole thing bounces around inside. I fixed this by running a plastic twist tie through the hook and loop.
- I've had good luck filling the bladder 1/3 to halfway, freezing it flat on a baking sheet (hose up), and then filling it the rest of the way with water in the morning. Added bonus: it keeps me pretty cool on 90 degree mornings.
- Position the bladder so the hose is facing the outside of the pack. It can be annoying if it's against your back.

My one big complaint: I wear sports bras with a back closure, and the vest happens to fall right against the closure, leading to serious chafing every. damn. time. Thankfully it doesn't bother me while I'm running. Something to keep in mind for larger busted lady runners.

I bought it specifically for training, but I'm so used to it now that I'm considering using it in the marathon as well. Don't care if it makes me look nerdy, because I'll be running a damn marathon. So there.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Wear it like a vest, not like backpack straps! The sternum strap works! 17 juillet 2012
Par L. Novik - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
To any of you worried about the fit, especially the sternum strap: Try adjusting it again! After seeing several reviews complaining that the sternum strap was nowhere near the user's sternum (even used as an under-boob strap), I was anxious to see how it would fit me. After fitting it to myself, I think all these women are all making the same mistake.

To avoid the problem, loosen all of the straps all the way, then put it on. That's right, move the little elastic holders and loosen every strap all the way. Now put it on. Line up the front of the harness as you wish to wear it, which will probably look more like a vest than backpack straps. There shouldn't be very much wrinkling or bulging of the material. Then, move the sternum strap sliders to the height you would like them (i.e. across your sternum), buckle the buckle, and tighten most of the slack out of that strap without tugging the sides closer together. Now tighten the other straps evenly (remember, there are two straps per side). Again, this is more like a vest than a backpack. It's okay that the pouches are in front of you - if they are to the sides, you'll interfere with your armswing.

When this pack is adjusted properly, it fits like a dream. It doesn't feel like I'm carrying all the water and supplies I need. Also, don't forget that the tube can be cut if there's too much length for you - just remove the bite valve and use sharp scissors.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Proper adjustment really does make a night & day difference! 6 juillet 2016
Par Cait83 - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
All I can say is WOW what a difference proper adjustments make!
I've always been a hydration belt runner. I either put out water stops on my long runs, or ran with a club that put out water stops for us. To avoid having to put out additional water before my runs, I decided to finally give a pack or vest a try. I use the Nathan trail mix bottle belt, which I love - it stays in place and is comfortable, but just doesn't hold quite enough water for 20+ mile runs in the DC heat and humidity! So after looking around for a while, I decided on this Nathan Intensity Race Vest. I see so many of my running buddies with the straps up into their armpits, and it just looks SO uncomfortable.
When I first tried this vest, on a short run to make sure it would work well for a long run, I was totally bummed! I had tightened the side straps first, then clipped and adjusted the sternum strap. The shoulder straps kept going out to the sides, my arms were hitting the pockets as i was running, the top of the shoulder straps kept shifting on my back. I couldn't figure it out after so many great reviews, what the heck was I doing wrong? I tried adjusting mid run - no go. When I came back home, I decided to read the reviews on Amazon, because SURELY someone else had the same issue!!
Thank goodness they did - I'm used to back packing, and this is how you adjust your pack (I always do the sternum strap last.) Not the case with this vest! After seeing the suggestions to loosen all straps, and fit/adjust the sternum strap FIRST - everything fell into place! I moved the sternum strap up higher, tightened it up, and had the shoulder straps coming down perfectly (out of the way of my arm swing!) Then, I began adjusting the side straps until everything felt snug and in place. I took the vest back out for another spin and BAM! All issues were solved. It fit perfectly, didn't move around, my arm swing did not ever come into contact with the pockets. Don't give up - re-adjust in this manner and it works :)
at 5 AM, it was already in the mid 80's and 94% humidity, and the water stayed very cold (even against my back, which was a nice feeling!) I have the Velcro strap to hold up the hydration pack, so I have not had any issues with it coming off the strap and falling down into the pack. The mouth piece works well, and I didn't have any issues with funky tastes at first (it seems like some of the issues have been resolved since some of the reviews posted here.) I love that the bladder opens completely at the top, which makes for a much easier clean & dry out after using it.
I definitely recommend this running vest - I am very finicky about feeling anything on me when I run, and I was very impressed by the fit/feel of this. Just re-adjust if you are ready to give up :)
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Just What I Needed! 16 mai 2012
Par L. Knight - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
I filled the bladder with crushed ice, then added my full bottle of Gatorade. I took it out for it's test run in 80 degree direct sunlight for a 45 minute test run. And it surpassed my expectations. No exaggeration!

1: I sweat a lot, so as summer approaches I found I needed far more fluid than my other systems offered me. This gives me a LOT of fluids that just did not feel heavy.

2: Even with all the added weight of the ice/fluids, I never felt discomfort in my shoulders, back or waist.

3: The zippered pouch was perfect for my iPhone (yet I found it went in/out easier without my rubber iPhone case).

4: The netted pouch was perfect for my 'sweat hankey' (told you I sweat a lot).

5: It didn't bounce.

6: I didn't feel hot spots under the (wicking/breathable) straps.

7: By having added all that crushed ice, it COOLED my back instead of heated it. LITERALLY for 45 minutes my back had it's own light cooling system between the crushed ice, wicking and breath-ability between the pack and my back. I had my husband feel my back after my 45 minutes in direct sun at 80 degrees and he said, "it's cool!"

8: Once I figured out which way was on/off mid runs, the bite nozzle was FAR better than my hiking camel back.

What I would change if I could: I couldn't find instructions for cleaning the bladder when it arrived today. Do instructions come with them? Is there a cleaning kit you can buy for it like with some camelbacks? I am going to switch from Gatorade to Nuun as I learned tonight that the sugar drinks cause create/accelerate bacterial and fungal issues.
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5.0 étoiles sur 5 Perfect for Busty Runners 30 janvier 2014
Par rSquare - Publié sur Amazon.com
Achat vérifié
Between my short stature and large bust, I have a hard time finding anything that fits properly, let alone something traditionally designed for men that goes right over my chest. Our local area has a disappointing lack of running stores, so after much research I wearily ordered this online. INCREDIBLE. It is truly designed for the female figure. I heeded the advice of another reviewer, and it helped so much I feel like I should repeat it.
BEST WAY TO ADJUST: When putting it on for the first time, loosen all five of the adjustable straps. Buckle the sternum strap above your breasts over your sternum, and tighten until it's comfortable. Then tighten the two straps on each side evenly, little by little. Once it's completely adjusted, it feels like it's not even there. Filling it with water doesn't change that feeling much.
PROS: I wear a D cup and this is ridiculously comfortable. Because of the five adjustable straps, I think this would easily adjust to just about any woman. I wore this on a 15 mile run right after getting it in the mail and I barely felt it (although you can feel people staring at you with the bright pink!). There are two big pockets on the front of the vest. When adjusted properly, they are out of the way of you arms. One pocket has an open top with a drawstring - I use this for my Hammer flask (filled with gel), and it fits perfectly and securely. If I loosened the drawstring, I could fit another water bottle. The pocket on the other side zips, and has an additional slim, open pocket on the front. The zippered pocket fits a smart phone, but doesn't quite fit my Hammer flask. On the back of the bag, there is a large zippered pocket and bungee cords. The are both great for running in the midwest with constantly changing weather - you can secure your rain gear or hat and gloves. Don't forget the price!!! Have you compared this with Camelbaks or Salomons?! The price is great (I got it for ~$90).
CONS: The colors are the only drawback to me. I did get pink and purple because I like it, but people do notice and stare. Not really a problem for me, but if that makes you uncomfortable, beware. The main reason I prefer dark grey or black is because this pink and purple won't be so pretty after a trail run. Other reviewers have said it washes well, and I hope they're right, but I can't really say yet.
CONCLUSION: If you are a female even considering a hydration pack, buy this. The comfort, convenience, and price are unbeatable. I have been looking at and comparing other packs for a while, and this is highly recommended among female ultra runners and adventure racers, as well as typical customers. I will be recommending this to all of my friends.
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Spécialement conçu pour la morphologie féminine, ce sac Intensity vous accompagnera lors de vos efforts de longue durée où vous aurez besoin de vous hydrater régulièrement. Il possède des bretelles confortable, il est léger, et possède un réservoir d'eau

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